Driver Handle #5

Driver Handle #5


This screwdriver began with a deep dissatisfaction with most screwdrivers:  why are they so poorly made? 

There is a real advantage to a hex driver vs. a fixed blade: if the tip becomes blunted, you can easily swap the damaged tip for a replacement.  However most designs use a magnet to retain the tip and don't hold it securely against wiggling or even dropping out.  This screwdriver was designed to solve both the aesthetic issue and the functional issue:  it looks good, and also holds the bit very securely.  with a knurled stainless steel setscrew.

Designed to be used with 6” long bits the user can also "choke up" on a long tool if necessary, or store additional short bits in the handle.  This screwdriver handle is designed to replace a whole drawerfull of lesser screwdrivers. 

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