Seattle Metro, Washington



Octodyne started in 2007, when fire doors were salvaged out of the Rainier Brewery on Airport Way in Seattle. After kicking around a dusty warehouse for a couple of years, they were eventually turned into tables with legs made from salvaged lumber from Vashon Island. Proceeds from the installations of those objects were invested into better machine tools and welding equipment. From there Octodyne turned to smaller objects with more intricacy. Octodyne focuses on crafting high quality items, one at a time for the discerning patron of fine objects. We believe in American small-scale urban manufacturing, and create the best possible product, irrespective of costs.

We strive too keep adequate inventory of items in stock, however the manufacturing process is very manual and individualized to the items being produced. This means that inventory is often batched and drops onto the website at a somewhat irregular schedule. We are always open to suggestions of what to produce next and can get special sizes or customized featured crafted upon request.



"You can buy a soul-less ice-sphere maker online elsewhere, but they cost about the same, and don’t look as nice " — Ice World, January 2017

"Small scale craft with traditional tools is alive and well in Washington. " — Kenmore Post

"Makes a perfect graduation gift in a pinch" — AnCrate