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Products from the near-medium future.

Products from the Near-Medium Future

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The Best.

Think carefully about this for a moment.  What is the best?

Think about the best product you ever used, or the most satisfying experience you've ever had with a product.  That is the best.  The best is not subjective, you know when something is the best the moment you hold it in your own hand, or see it with your own eyes, or use it for yourself. 

 Are you sitting in the best chair?  Are you wearing the best shoes?  What is the absolute best thing that you own?  Being the best does not mean being the most expensive, it means just perfectly fitting a need, doing a thing, or solving a problem.  Would you want to have the absolute best of something?

There are not many things that can truly be called the best, but the items from Octodyne are The Best.  They are uncompromising.  They are the highest quality. They are the best they can possibly be.  That does not mean that they are built to be efficient, or that the design is optimized to shave cost.  They are simply built to be the best item that is possible with the resources available.  They are built to the highest practical tolerances, to exceed in every possible attribute, and be the absolute best that they can be. 

Octodyne has a unique aesthetic. Items are made to be simple and tough, and designed for durability. Octodyne products are meant to be used everyday, not coddled and kept in a drawer. They may take on marks and minor scratches from this use, but it only adds character (and they can be easily reconditioned if you choose).

Octodyne does not ambitiously strive to reduce cycle times cycle times to cut costs. The production process is not overly “optimized” to make arbitrary sales goals. If you need something cheap and fast, order it on Amazon, but if you’re looking for The Best, order it here.



These are the current product offerings from Octodyne, ranging from practical everyday carry objects, to jewelry, to “other”



Interested in seeing what goes into making these items? Here you’ll find an assortment of videos that show some process of development that goes into development and manufacturing.

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