Knurled Titanium Men's Ring #17

Knurled Titanium Men's Ring #17


While this ring looks a little uncomfortable to wear, the very tips of the knurling have been rounded, and it is in fact quite comfortable.

Titanium is the 22nd element on the periodic table, but that belies it’s material properties. Typically used for aerospace or industrial applications, titanium is non-magnetic, rustproof, and suitable as jewelry for people who have sensitivity to metals. Octodyne rings are made from 6AL4V Titanium which is the same alloy of titanium used for medical implants, to ensure that there is no bioreactivity. Titanium is also remarkable because it’s stronger than steel, but almost as light as aluminum. Titanium is a great choice as a durable ring material. It is subject to some superficial scratching, but scratches can be repaired with a scotchbrite pad or 320 grit sandpaper. Polished finishes are possible on titanium, but be aware that they will show scratches more quickly and need touch up more frequently.

 Titanium can also be heat or electrically anodized into a range of colors or patterns, available upon request

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