Tyee Salmon Pen #91, Brushed Finish Fountain Nib with Lanyard

Tyee Salmon Pen #91, Brushed Finish Fountain Nib with Lanyard


Do you own a pen worthy of your signature?  Rugged enough for carrying and using every day, with the refinement of a well-crafted tool.  Designed to go anywhere, but still be stylish enough for the office.  There are also other rugged pens, but they are too "tactical" for practical carry… do you really need a pen that can be used to stab someone? The entire pen  is 6AL-4V ELI titanium, so this pen will outlast us all!  Literally.  You could run it over with a truck or leave it in the ocean for a month and it wouldn't be damaged. 


  • Made 100% in the NorthWest, the design was inspired by the shape of salmon and aircraft fuel tanks.

  • Any scratches that appear on the finish can be easily brushed out with Scotchbrite pads.

  • 100% nonferrous design allows it to go through metal detectors without coming out of your pocket.

  • Bock nib, but universally replaceable with #6 nib from any maker.

  • Bio-compatible

  • Machined on a lathe from solid bar stock.

  • Triple start threads between the cap and pen mean that it require only a quarter turn to open or close.

  • Can be anodized to different color combinations or patterns

  • Rollerball pens fit most common refills including both Fisher Space pen and Montblanc rollerballs.   Rollerball is retained with a small set screw which allows for an exact pen tip protrusion, depending on the preference of the user.

  • Almost all other pen designs use a flimsy stamped metal clip that easily bends and deforms.  This pen features a unbreakable clip design, that pivots on a screw and uses a replaceable o-ring to set the tension of the clip.  (clip models only)

  • Butyl nitrile O-ring is easily replaceable for adjusting clip tension. (clip models)

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